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Friday, 23 January 2015

Vlog 1- Youtube

Like, I promised here is my Youtube Channel (not fully completed yet) but the video has been uploaded! Take a peak...

The BeasKnees

First VLOG coming soon

Hiya peoples!

Long time no speak!! No way I did my first Vlog today but the video is too big, so expect a Youtube channel coming soon. First things first I need to know how to make one. Trololol. Hopefully my friend Abi will help me with that- you should check out her Youtube channel "Abi Whitham" :)

But once my channel is up and running I'll let you guys know. Instead, I'll leave you with a video of my dog eating pizza... enjoy!

Anyways be happy and spread the love, see ya later!

The BeasKnees

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 is here!!

Hello all you renewed resolution people of the world!
I hope you all had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year! I'm sure you've probably made those New Year resolutions that consist of not eating chocolate, getting fit and squeezing back into that little black dress that can only fit over your left leg. Yes, we are all going through this idea of starting a new and hoping that the new year will bring us lots of luck and prosperity- and for this I wish you good luck!
Now, this Christmas holiday has been very busy but you probably guessed that. On the 27th, my brother and I went to go and see my Dad, Yelena (step mum) and little sisters (Angelina and Victoria) in London for a few days. However, this was the day where there was problems with the trains because there was work being done on the train tracks near Kings Cross. So we were planning on getting off at Finsbury Park but we ended up getting stuck on the stop before that for at least 2 hours! In the end we managed to get a taxi from that stop to the hotel in London for £60!! *Gulp* On the other hand, beside the train conundrum it was lovely to see my Dad, Yelena and the girls. We had a beautiful few days with them that included good food, amazing entertainment but most of all great company.
After that we spent New Year in Derbyshire Hilton Hotel with our Swiss student, his family, an Italian friend of theirs and my stepdads parents. We had a buffet meal that was "okay"... I guess. The following day we went to my stepdad's (Edward) parents house where we saw his family. Then during the next few days after that I was poorly- queue the "Awhs".
So that was a very brief highlight of what happened since I last spoke to you! Now I must be off... Oh and I have mock exmas for the next 2 weeks so I wont be able to post, sorry. But until then my good friends... Be safe and don't give up on those resolutions!

The BeasKnees


Thursday, 25 December 2014


Merry Christmas you gorgeous Elves!

Well I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and kept the Christmas spirits high! Yes, I know it has been sooooo long... But DAMN I have been one busy Bea!

Okay let me break it down...
1) Thurs-  Abi and I hid behind a curtain during our drama class and managed to remain silent ninjas while people performed on the opposite side of the curtain. LOL.

2) Fri- Then had a sleepover at Abi's with Jasmine and Byron.... That was so swanky!

3) Sat/Sun- Following morning Byron and I had rehearsals for the nativity that we performed the following day. Byron played Joseph (with his 9 year old Mary) and I played the sassy Inn Keeper.

4) Monday- I went to Winter Wonderland in London with my mum, my brother, Byron, Cloe and Marin. I have to say Snow Mountain was the best ride! I was in hysterics with laughter because Byron sat in a 2 seater on his own so he kept getting knocked about. Also all the Christmas lights looked beautiful in London, especially Harrods and Fortnum & Mason's lights.

5) Tues- My Uncle, Aunty and cousins came down from Yorkshire- we had a family gathering at my Nanny and Puppa's house. It was lovely to see them all! P.S. Thank you for my Christmas card and money, lots of love!

6) Weds (Xmas Eve)- My Nan, mum, Byron and I went to Peterborough Cathedral to listen to the band play. We then went to grab a bite to eat in Chimichanga restaurant- Ay ay ay! We then went to our local Church in Ramsey for midnight mass, however by that time I was shattered and could barely keep my eyes open.

7) Christmas Day- Wakey wakey rise and shine... Early start! Before I thought that I couldn't have enough 'spiritual enlightenment' from church the family were off again. It wouldn't surprise me if I start singing "O come all ye faithful" in my sleep. After that I came home and dolled up ready for Christmas dinner at the Marriot Hotel. The food was delicious! Once home with a Santa sized belly the family opened our presents... Santa has been so generous to me! Thank you soo soo soooo much!! Nina Ricci and Prada compliments to you for making me smell so good!

Anyways Feliz Navidad everyone! Next time I speak to you it will be 2015!!! Oh my donkey kong that be cray!!

The BeasKnees

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fancy Shmancy

Gurd Murning!
How is everyone on this fine and chilly morning...Good? Good. So on Wednesday Byron and I went to go and see Basement Jaxx in concert at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. I was really excited because I sang back-up vocals on their song "Power to the People" so I felt like the Jaxx's and had a special connection :'D Anyways, when we got to Cambridge we had 2 hours spare, luckily because Byron was meant to be the one who knew where we were going but actually he had no idea. Once we had found the Corn Exchange we went to a Starbucks around to corner to kill time. Then when it came to 7pm we thought that we'd better go because there's bound to be a massive queue. The concert was said to start at 7:30pm. However, much to our surprise when we arrived no one was there and the doors were locked... we decided to wait. 5 mins later. I say "Hmmm this is odd maybe I should check the tickets". I check the tickets. "Monday 8th December... 8th... MONDAY 8TH DECEMBER!!!" I didn't know whether to cry or laugh but both Byron and I were in hysterics. So instead we spent our evening walking around Cambridge looking at the shops and the disappointing lack of Christmas lights. That's the last time I trust my mum with tickets, to be honest I should've asked her if I could check them because last time we went to Alton Towers my mum bought Thorpe Parks tickets! Lesson now well learnt!
Well on Friday 12th it was National Christmas jumper day and the sixth form was filled with Christmas jumper wearers. However, just like technology everything seems to be becoming more advanced in this day and age... INCLUDING Christmas jumpers! A guy in my sixth form called Charlie Marshall had an amazing jumper- it actually glowed and moved! What?! That jumper is cray!
Anyways, in the evening I went to see the new Hobbit with my friend Cloe, her dad, my mum and my brother. Now, haters please don't hate but I'm not a massive fan of the Hobbit trilogy or the Lord of the Rings films so I got nowhere near as emotional as Cloe did- can I just mention how much Cloe loves the Hobbit, she even wore a Hobbit cape to the cinema! However, without giving any spoilers away the film was really good and I would definitely see it again.
Then on Saturday, I went shopping in Peterborough with Cloe so that she could buy her Christmas presents but we were pushed for time so we were literally running around the shops. Oh and thank you so much for my beautiful Christmas present Cloe ;) After that I had to rush home to get ready to go out to this fancy family gathering for a man who turns 95 today! Therefore, the minute I flew through the door I began stripping as I persisted forward towards the shower. Once out of the shower and sparkling clean I attempted to blow dry my hair while eating a sandwich and doing my makeup at the same time. When my hair was finally dry I wacked it into some heated curlers (which really didn't want to be curled) and threw my clothes on.
Once we arrived at the event, I was greeted by the daughter of the birthday boy whom had an accent that made me realise how upper class this event was. The night continued with meeting new people and trying to carry out conversations that sounded at least a tad intellectual. However, I got to meet some lovely people around my age and this one girl called Summer gave me tips on A level Spanish which really helped... I found we had a lot in common when it came to our interests.  Now at these fancy shmancy gatherings they always serve strange food... okay food is an overstatement, I mean "bite size ordure's". The oddest of these miniscule snacks was this mini meringue with a beetroot and fish paste on top... I'm not going to lie they looked like a slightly larger version of a Iced Gem- yeah they tasted nasty! By the end of the night mum and I were starving so on the way home we got a McDonalds drive-through, ironic or what.
Anyways, I best get on with coursework because I'm off to the radio station at 4pm... Don't forget to tune in at 5pm on HCR104fm.

The BeasKnees

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A late Friday with wasabi

So since the last time I posted, my school day has mainly consisted of sleeping on the sofas in the Common Room during my frees, because I've been feeling super poorly with this snotty cold. The worst part is that it's not only a cold but a mix of allergies as well... double the snottiness! *Ewww*
Luckily, my friend Julia has Netflix on her laptop so we snuggled and watched Lilo and Stitch- woohoo Disney!! However, once lunch began the Common Room got really crowed and once again Josh play his old-school tunes! Oh, and Abi and Emily had a little picnic and shared a wrap with each other- I've never seen Abi so excited to eat food! Also, once again my phone got ambushed with "interesting" selfie's  and if you leave a funny selfie on my phone then you're definitely guaranteed a place on my blog.
 And now... It's time for.... SHAN'S FASHION FRIDAY!!! Yes, yes I know it's no longer Friday but I didn't have time to post then, so here it goes. Shan looked as stunning as ever in an all black outfit. Her leather jacket complimented her lace-chested dress perfectly... This outfit was born to be rocked by this gal!

Now the reason I couldn't post on Friday is because once I got home from school I jumped into the shower, washed my hair, jumped back out, blow dried my hair, applied my make-up and then got dressed... All ready to go out for dinner in Peterborough for Kyra's 17th Birthday. Once Byron and I arrived we were reunited with our old friends from Abbey College and some of Kyra's friends from Kings (they looked like super smart people). Now in this Restaurant, they have food from all over the world set out into a buffet. Some of the food was nice... others  not so much. Okay, so when Byron and I went to go and get some food we spotted some Sushi (we lurv sushi), although it looked a bit bland and unappetising. Usually, I don't have wasabi if it's really good quality sushi but this time I decided to take some. Now I don't know what was going through Byron's mind at this point because he put a massive spoonful of the stuff all over his sushi... he was literally treating it like gravy. When we went back to the table, I was about to start a conversation with someone when a little wimper followed by a scream came from beside me. I turned around to see Byron crying and waving his arms around and trying to say how spicy it was... I have never laughed so hard!! After gulping down his coke to aid his burning throat, he began to scrape all the wasabi off his plate into the Christmas crackers provided on the table- after tasting the wasabi myself I also thought this was a good idea.

Oh and Kyra didn't have a candle that said 17 so she had "9+8" instead! Oh and that awkward moment when I start singing Happy Birthday in Spanish really out of tune and everyone goes silent! Yeah, great.

Anyways... I'll be here forever if I have to explain everything that happened so I'll let the pictures and videos do the talking! Be safe people and don't mistake wasabi for gravy!

The BeasKnees